Volunteer with ADRECC

What to expect

ADRECC is a brand new centre for research, education & conservation. We are fully dedicated to bring our mission forward and we love to host people with the same passion for nature. Of course, we can’t offer the comfort of a 5-star resort, and we don’t even want to. If you are looking for work with a clear purpose, you want to contribute to more sustainability and you are not afraid of a bit of hard work this is your place to be!

Our crew is always willing to assist and guide you. However, we are only a few people and we need motivated, proactive volunteers that are open to work independently. We are looking for positive people who not only come to learn, but also want to actively help us with the restoration of our reefs, with data collection, other research tasks and with the improvement of our conservation centre.

Food and drinks

Fear not, your food is provided! For breakfast, we ask you to prepare for yourself what you would like to eat. We have a variety of options including oats, eggs, bread/toast, baked beans, bananas, papaya, pineapple, coconut jam and rice porridge.

Lunch and Dinner will be served as buffet at 12:30 noon and 7:30 pm daily.

Our amazing local cooks are currently broaden their repertoire of vegetarian and vegan dishes. We are cutting down on our meat consumption to reduce our environmental impact. We are also able to cope with specific allergies and special dietary requirements such as gluten-free and lactose-free food.

Please let us know in advance, if you need a special diet.

Kate’s mural whale shark art painted with her heart, soul and love for the Ocean.

Self-serve coffee and tea is available all day, with sugar, and condensed or powdered milk at the Centre and camp site jungle open air kitchen. We get our drinking water from the mainland. We buy big reusable containers, as our tap water is not drinkable (similar to many places in Southeast Asia). There is plenty of free water available so you can stay hydrated. Please bring your own reusable drinking water bottle or obtain one from us @ RM10.00; anyhow, we restricted all single use plastic bottles. Canned soft drinks, ice coffee, ice tea and juice are available at an additional cost, along with beer, vodka, wine and whiskey (for the occasional / sunset drink only at your own cost).

Little Home

Our ADRECC accommodation “Little Home” is simple & humble but adequate as we sleep in tents. We have a shared common area, the ADRECC front area, camp site open air jungle kitchen and shared showers and toilets.

Your own little home to keep you dry at night.

You will get your own tent to sleep and keep your belongings. We have not had any issues with theft from tents, but if you would like extra security you might want to bring two small combination locks. Our tents are set up in rows under metal roofing so your tent will stay dry during a storm.

Each tent has a single airbed with air-pillow; a blanket and a dry box is provided for your stay. Please, do take note that there will be NO power socket in your tent. All your electronic devices can be charge at ADRECC Centre charging stations, ADRECC Dive centre or at resort restaurant charging area. (NOTE: Power bank and laptop are not allowed to charge when solar power running. Usually 6:00pm to 10:00pm)

Tent City… with so many birds singing!

The tents have fly wire on the front and back doors so it’s easy to keep your tent bug free.

Most of our tents are store bought ‘dome tents’ and are big enough to accommodate one or two persons comfortably.

A typical day

We at ADRECC love to dive! Of course for you non-divers willing to come, for diving is not mandatory. As we also do a lot of research and data collection work on land – so there are always projects and jobs that need hands as well.

So let’s run through a typical day (keep in mind that this would depend on the program of your choosing for how this all plays out)…

We would start our average by day by meeting at 7:30am for the beach clean in the lovely morning sun. At around 8:30am we’ll grab some breakfast.

After breakfast we will first attend to the sorting and audit of all the trash and items we collected on the beach clean. That way, the data can be put to good use and help locate the major sources of our ocean plastic problems. All data will be compile and submit to UN Environment – SDG #17.

Trash auditing and recorded in ADRECC Trash Audit Form. Would you ever believe how much trash is in our ocean?

Afterwards, our remaining morning will be free to focus on the days conservation tasks. For example, we might start to build a coral nursery for our coral propagation program. ADRECC Coral Nursery & Coral Propagation Program must be brief properly before hands by ADRECC – Ocean Quest Global Trainer, Ms. Monica Chin. We would continue with the morning task until lunch is served around 12:30pm.

Some of our underwater coral nurseries – Ocean Quest Global protocol.

Usually we might relax in the hammocks for a little while after lunch, to let the food settle about an hour – or if you’re super keep you can start right away. We then might regather at 2:00pm/2:30pm and continue on with more conservation research work. On this ‘example’ day, it’s too hot for coral propagation so we are going to build some DIY artwork, up-cycling driftwood found on the beach, up keep / repair work at ADRECC dive centre, eco-farm, eco-garden, data key-in, administration work or maybe some upgrading work…

Finally at 5:00pm we are going to finish for the day. Now you have free time to enjoy the island surround as you wish… however do inform ADRECC crew on the activity wish to do alone. This is for your safety!

Free time! ADRECC Family time!

Despite being on a tiny island with no shops or bars, there are still plenty of ways to spend your free time! Usually we walk to our turtle patrol beach (Secret Beach) and spend our sunset time together… Still watch out to the weather as it might very wavy and strong current.

If you’re a super dedicated conservation warrior then you can always help us with land based work or grab a bag and join the sunset beach cleanup. We are always looking for ways to improve. Another great way to contribute is to come up with your own projects. We love to get inspired by you!

Besides that, there are many things you could do. Other than just relaxing in the hammocks you might wish to take a hike, go snorkeling, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, do some of your own yoga or exercise, island gym, strum on the guitar/ukulele, maybe even have a fun-dive with ADRECC crew. There are so many options for your free time!

And finally, keeping it real…

As we mentioned at the top, this is a new project and conservation center; and certainly not 5-star (yet…). We hope you are willing to temporarily make some sacrifices and go without certain creature comforts for your time here. The right approach and attitude goes a long way in order to be an effective member of the team working towards our common goals & mission.

So it is also very important to come to ADRECC with an open mind and the desire to learn new ways to reduce your environmental impact throughout your everyday life. That way, when you go home you will spread your new found insights to your family and friends around the globe.

Most of all, we ask you to behave in a respectful manner towards the local people and their culture & tradition, but also to your fellow volunteers and all ADRECC members. We like to see ourselves as a healthy community, and we prefer this community to be happy, harmonious, peaceful, productive, respectful and strong. We believe, only this environment facilitates an atmosphere to create change.

So what are you waiting for! Check out our pricing page, or get in contact with us right away.